Hasan Wahbah

chair of IT program

Before joining ECMIT as a Head of Information Technology Department in September 2016 Dr. Hasan Wahbah was the Dean of College of Engineering in Al Ain University of Science and Technology.

Dr. Hasan obtained his BSc in Electronic Engineering from Military Technical College of Cairo, MSc and PhD in Digital Systems and Computers from Cranfield University in UK. During his career in different higher education institutions in Syria and UAE, he taught a verity of Computer Science topics both at graduate and post-graduate levels. He also supervised some MSc projects and nominated as an external examiner for MSc students in Ajman University and PhD students in UCS.

There are few areas in which Dr. Hasan is interested to do research; image processing is one of them, reading and analyzing digital maps, plus Software Engineering from the industrial point of view. Software quality and evolution.

Recently Dr. Hasan started being interested in computer applications and society, Evolution of programming languages and future trends, International students’ turnout trends to computer studies programs.