Tareq Shareef

Chair of BBA program
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Tareq Shareef started the teaching and research work since 1984 in Mosul University, College of Administrative Science- Iraq He received his Master’s Degree from the University of Liverpool (UK) and PhD from Mosul University (IRAQ), both in Management and Business Administration. He did research work in strategic management and business management issues such as: e-management, e-government, organization behavior, research methodology and other related business administration topics.

Professor Tariq authored about 12 Books such as: Strategic Management, Strategic Thinking, and Research Analysis- Using Minitab Software. Others contributions in authoring chapters in books such as: Knowledge Management (Sussex University- UK) and in Quality Assurance in Universities (IIUM). He has published over seventy articles in National, Regional and International Journals.

Since 1984 up to now, has taught courses in both undergraduate and graduate studies in different Universities and in different countries such as: Mosul University (IRAQ), Hadramout Science and Technology University (YEMEN), Applied Science University (JORDAN), Applies Science University (BAHRAIN), Asia e University hosted by Arab open University (BAHRIN), Ahlia University(Bahrain), ECMIT (UAE).

Also, he has reviewed many academic programs with the context of Quality Assurance Requirements, considered external examiner by many Universities for MBA Thesis and PhD Dissertations together with delivering consultations in Academic Quality Assurance (Program and Institutional) on the basis of International Standards.

For the years 2010-2013 he is active member in the Bahrain Qualification Framework (BQF) policy making and mapping groups.

Professor Tareq has participated in many administrative development training programs and contributed in many consultation works. He also participated in many committees of Quality related to management and higher education issues. He supervised and discussed many Graduate Research Works.

Professor Tareq has consulted for Strategic Planning issues in private and government sectors in the areas of strategy and planning, organization and design.

Since 2008 up to 31st August 2015 he appointed a Dean, College of Administrative Science at Applied Science University – Kingdom of Bahrain and he was the head of Business Department at Mosul University – Iraq for the period 2001-2003. He is a former member of the Board of the Academic Journal at Mosul University for several years and member of the Advisory Board of the University promotion at Mosul University. He is also member of International Journals Boards: IJRRC-UK and International Journal of E-Learning, Digital Content & Business Intelligence ((ISSN: 0974-3448).

Recently, Prof. Tareq has joined the ECMIT and he is appointed a Chair of the BBA program.